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Frequently asked questions

When and where are the Gluten-Free Living Expos in 2023? 

  • Sydney - Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 August - Royal Randwick 

  • Melbourne - Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 November - MCEC 

What are your plans for other parts of Australia? 

We are currently developing exciting new plans for Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and other areas throughout Australia. More information will be shared in the coming months.

What are the hours of Expos 

The Gluten-Free Living Expo in Melbourne will be open 9 am – 4 pm each day. 


Parking information  

Parking information is available on The Melbourne Expo page. 


When will the speaker schedule be released? 

We’ll be releasing this in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out on your email inbox and check back on our page. We’ve got amazing experts that you won’t want to miss out on! 


Who are the exhibitors?  

We are pleased to announce Senza as our Major Sponsor, and Simply Wize as Sponsor.  You can find the full list of Exhibitors HERE. ​

Can I attend both days' sessions?  

Absolutely! As a member of Coeliac Australia, you’ll have priority and access to a session of your choice however, we understand you may want to attend more than one session however this will be at your own cost.  


I ordered multiple tickets but can only see one, are they all there? 

If you are viewing them on a desktop, click ‘View tickets’ from the email and there is an arrow on the right-hand side of the first ticket that you can click on to view the next ticket. 

If you are viewing them on a mobile click ‘View tickets’ from the email and you can swipe on the screen to see all of them. 

Can I get a companion ticket for the carer? 

Yes.  Please book a ticket for yourself and bring your companion card with you to the expo.  When you show your companion card at the entrance your companion will be given access at no cost. 

Do I get a ticket as part of my membership? 

As part of a Coeliac Australia membership each member gets one free ticket, valued at up to $25, to their closest expo.  If there are multiple people attending, we suggest you claim the free ticket for the highest value ticket required eg Adult. 

I am a member and live interstate or in a regional area.  Can I get a free ticket? 

All CA members are entitled to one free Expo ticket, so if you would like to travel to attend an Expo you can redeem your free ticket for that event.

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