Coeliac Australia


The Expos are owned and presented by Coeliac Australia, leading national registered charity offering membership, support and credible information services for Australians living with coeliac disease and related conditions requiring a gluten free diet.


Coeliac Australia raise vital funds for research and create awareness of coeliac disease and the gluten free diet within the medical profession, food services industry and the broader community.

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Did you know that members of Coeliac Australia receive a FREE ticket to their nearest Gluten Free Expo? There is also a whole host of other benefits associated with membership, including access to our Member Discount Program, quarterly magazine, recipes, fact sheets, research news and much more. Not only is it an excellent investment in your health, but membership also makes living gluten free simply easier! You don’t need a diagnosis of coeliac disease to join. Please consider joining the organisation that works tirelessly to support the gluten free community.


Coeliac Australia is a 100% community funded organisation. Please support us by making a donation today. Every donation makes a real difference and donations of $2+ are tax deductible.


Please call our toll free help line number on 1300 458 836 for information about coeliac disease including diagnosis, the gluten free diet, resources or Coeliac Australia membership.


To find out more visit Coeliac Australia website at www.coeliac.org.au